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lackeys and lackeys are needed in hatcheting plots and scheming. meet the man who sent allen west packing. and patrick murphy will enter the war room. and then how about that, clinton for mayor. win tower for ambassador? we'll separate the pipe dreams from the possible. it's "the war room" on tuesday night. we're justststststststststststststststststststststststststst you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? at cepacol we've heard people are going to extremes to relieve their sore throats. oh, okay, you don't need to do that. but i don't want any more of the usual lozenges and i want new cooling relief! ugh. how do you feel? now i'm cold. hmm. this is
the ultimate responsibility for that. >> all right, on this item we have first mr. dick allen. if you can take a seat on the front row. mr. tim colin. and mr. jerry (inaudible). mr. allen, welcome. >> good afternoon commissioners, dick allen. lake merced, i am out there four or six times a week rowing in the morning. there are other issues at lake merced you may not be aware of. and today i will comment on them. first i would like to quote a statement from the january 2011 watershed report referring to the boat house. the downstairs no longer adequate for the space. and it's unanimous for the need of a new boat house to improve the quality of the lake. >> can we have the slides? >> no. 1, quickly you will see a crowded situation. that's a bay of a high school. that's the bay of the club i belong to. and under here is two bays with one gate. and underneath is two bays that face towards the lake. saturday there were almost 200 rowers pulling boats out. you have them from the front, and front and side. and you have the club with only one gate trying to swing those big 65-foot rowing shelves aroun
. the ravens nearly won the game in cincinnati. in the first quarter, anthony allen, a first touchdown of his career. we saw a bunch of taylor today. he is swift with the feet. the ravens have the 14-13 lead. now trailing 16-14. taylor does not have much height. dunlop has plenty. that would be the play of the game. the ravens fall 23-17. the ravens will host a playoff game this coming weekend. we know it will be the colts' coming to town. we just do not know when. more coming up in sports. >> now we want to get a first look at the forecast. >> it was windy and cold today. things are settling down. the wind will gust close to 25 or 30. that will put the wind chill in the low 20's. look for a quiet day tomorrow. there could be some showers around new year's eve and new year's day. we will talk about that in a few minutes. >> the sheriff's office is searching for a suspect they say shot and wounded his sister. police say he was fighting with his family late last night. they say he pulled out a gun and shot through the front door hitting his sister. she is being treated at the hospital. police s
of oakland raiders head coach dennis allen has died. allen had been away from the team since sunday to be with his father in the dallas area. we are told 66-year-old grady allen died last night from heart complications. he was a linebacker for the falcons from 1968 to 1972. dennis allen does plan though to return to oakland to coach thursday's home game against the denver broncos. >>> activists on both side of the gay marriage issue on california are learning to be patient. it turns out a prop 8 appeal will be on the u.s. supreme court justices' agenda again this friday. but it doesn't mean they will act on it. the court has no deadline for acting on cases. the court made the announcement this morning saying several gay marriage appeals are still on the table. friday is the fourth time that prop 8 and other cases concerning the "defense of marriage act" will be on the justices' agenda. we should know by friday afternoon or next monday morning if the judges issue an order this time. >>> a federal judge is blocking the state from enforcing its gay therapy law set to go into effect on
stations open. >>> the oakland raiders are expressing their condolences to dennis allen who lost his father last night. grady allen passed away due to cardiac arrest. according to a statement from the raid, dennis allen traveled to the dales fort worth area to be by his father's said white after -- right after the game on saturday. he does plan to play in the game on thursday against denver. >>> we're still on stormwatch as more wet weather moves into the area. in the meantime, the cleanup continues from the weekend storm. a free that well on reed avenue is scheduled for removal today. as you can see it was still laying on sop of -- on top of several vehicles this morning. no one was hurt. caltran crews are cleaning up a small mudslide that shut down the connector. the ramp is closed is the one from eastbound interstate 80 to highway 29. crews say the connector will be closed until about 3:00 this afternoon and that detour signs are posted. >>> good afternoon to you. our dry weather is beginning to transition to wet already in some cases. a few scattered showers reported over the north bay.
the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. grady allen died today in a dallas hospital after suffeg a heart attack last week. gy allen was a lineba >>> dennis allen's father has passed away at 66. brady allen died today after suffering a heart attack. he was a linebacker in the nfl with atlanta for five seasons. he left the raiders to be with his father after sunday's loss to cleveland. the raiders host dallas this thursday. he will be with the team. >>> world series hero marco scutaro has agreed to a three-year $20 million deal. the 37-year-old second baseman was asquared from colorado last -- acquired from colorado last july. >>> san francisco native steve lavin, taking on usf. red storm rallies. jump shot, but the dons have not lost since the opener and they would not tonight. parker hits the layup, throws up a foul, and that is the end for st. john's. >> he was on the sideline. chris was there. >> chris mullin as you know went to st. john's. it's a great year to watch basketball. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh lo
baseman charlie. got to be one of the best deals in brian sabian's career. grady allen was a line backer. dennis allen left to be with his father. allen will be there to coach his team on thursday. >> it's tough any time you lose a member of your family. coach allen's dad is a part of the raider nation family. it will be good to get him back around here. get his spirits up and things like that and go out there and get that win for him on thursday. >> san francisco bringing the st. johns red storm taking on u.s.f. 17, 16. u.s.f led by 15 but the red storm stormed back. gets the lead down to five. u.s.f hasn't lost against the opener in stanford. they won't lose tonight. 81, 65. they are five and one. usually it's jim harbaugh involved in a testy handshake. his brother stars in top five. john tried to shake hands with mike tomlin. tomlin blew him off. harbaugh said hey, i said congratulations. lebron james had a triple double but the heat were beat by the wizards. the wizards win for the second time this year. they role 80 to 38. let's go back to the hill top. mark slams an alley-oop from
former republican senator allen simpson, a rather spry allen simpson at that. >> stop instagraming your breakfast and tweeting your problems and getting on youtube so you can see gangnam style. ♪ >> gangnam style! >> ha-ha. >> shake what your mama gave you, allen. >> mercy me. mercy me. loving this. >> 81-year-old allen going
. cash is king at ethan allen peered the furniture retailer throwing a lot more cash at shareholders. they are announcing a one-time payout this month alone. we will get the inside story from ethan allen chairman and ceo farooq kathwari. you have to hear about his plans for china. international expansion is a huge priority. the chinese may like that product. for once, the market riding around. let's get right to the floor show. traders at the new york stock exchange, cme and imax. what do you think happens on wednesday? >> i think most traders and the entire street is interested in seeing how they will handle operation twist. that really seems to be the case. i am of the mindset they will have a very difficult time explaining any extension. granted, it is not where they wanted to be but it is an indication that the economy is improving. liz: qe4 is coming. is that going to be another announcement? >> c evans came out a few weeks ago suggesting that they continue to use the 85 billion number. i do not know if they can justify that quite frankly when you have the economic data that we
. and only two days after losing his father, dennis allen returned to the field. >>> the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year is always on kron4! the biggest party and spectacular fireworks will all be on kron4's new year's live show, hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> this sports cast dedicated to mark burnett. one of our fine sports casters. watch how they use light pam, jacky and myself, a team that gets along and has fun together. i hope you enjoy your spotters roll! >>> another rough night for the raiders. mark isn't going to like this, neither is dennis allen. allen's father passed away on sunday. came back to watch peyton manning in denver tonight jump out to a seven-0 lead. carson palmer, when you're opposite pay son manning, everything -- peyton manning, everything
by the end of june. allen, keep in mind there are nine justices. they could go in nine different directions. one thing is for sure, this is an historic moment. >> juliette goodrich, thank you so much. the supreme court has also agreed to review the a challenge to the national defensive marriage act. >> they have to solve this on a national level because there is just too much administrative confusion right now. who can visit who in the hospital, who gets health benefits. which marriage count, all of these questions. >> as for what happens now as juliette said, lawyers on both sides argue their case before the justices in march. that decisionfected by june. >>> the battle over same-sex marriage has a unique story here in california. we are the only state that has ever allowed it and then band it. in 2004, over a period of month san francisco issued some 4,000 marriage licenses under the direction of the then mayor. the marriage were outlawed in 2008 with the passage of prop 8. that ban was later ruled unconstitutional. same sex marriages will remain on hold until this case is finally settled
. >> reporter: allen, this is already available in 36 other states. homeless advocates are calling this a game changer. they say that not only will this help employers or housing agencies get in touch with the homeless, but in the best case scenario it can even set some of them on a path of independence. who is paying the tab? we found out most likely, you are. about a third of americans don't have a land line to use their cell phones exclusively. >> how important is your cell phone to you? >> i feel as though i can't live without it. >> it is a necessity for most, but some can't even afford them. for the homeless, it means missing calls for a job or housing. john gallagher knows. he's living it. >> they think there is something wrong with you the saint you say i don't have a cell phone. >> he is look for a new program that was just approved by the california public utilities commission. it is a federal program called lifeline run by the cell company assurance. it would give a free cell phone to the homeless and those with a very low income. to call if i you have to make less than 24,700 a yea
. tonight non-denomination service on the peninsula brought people of different faith together. allen is live in burlingame with that story. allen? >>reporter: one of the people who came here to heal tonight grew up in newtown, connecticutment and she says newtown ace lot like burlingam burlingame. >> daniel age 7. if. >>reporter: confused shaken to the core they same searching for words to help them cope with the tragedy that has struck the nation. perhaps no one is more shaken here than betsy cork who read the scripture. >> conditioning of israel the lord is in your midst you will have no further misfortune to fear. >> i'm spwnsly proud of everyone in newtown. i'm proud to be from newtown. >>reporter: she grew up with friends who were the first responders at sandy hook elementary but is proud of the way the entire town has responded. >> the people of connecticut people of newtown are showing the world how to live. how to love. and how to love people. >> olivia angle, 6. sandy hook endured 20 deaths of 6 and 7-year-olds. i prosecute pose to you tonight we are in the midst
of different faith together. allen is live in burlingame with that story. allen? >>reporter: one of the people who came here to heal tonight grew up in newtown, connecticutment and she says newtown ace lot like burlingam burlingame. >> daniel age 7. if. >>reporter: confused shaken to the core they same searching for words to help them cope with the tragedy that has struck the nation. perhaps no one is more shaken here than betsy cork who read the scripture. >> conditioning of israel the lord is in your midst you will have no further misfortune to fear. >> i'm spwnsly proud of everyone in newtown. i'm proud to be from newtown. >>reporter: she grew up with friends who were the first responders at sandy hook elementary but is proud of the way the entire town has responded. >> the people of connecticut people of newtown are showing the world how to live. how to love. and how to love people. >> olivia angle, 6. sandy hook endured 20 deaths of 6 and 7-year-olds. i prosecute pose to you tonight we are in the midst of an evil of biblical proportions. >> i have just been in touch
at this hour. we will keep you posted on any problems. dave allen has a check on the mta. >> the number 19 is diverting. the number 10 bus diverting at lombard. no delays on the buses, marc trains. the penn, camden, and brunswick lines is on schedule. dress warmly this morning. that is dit. here is ava marie. >> yesterday storm is tracking at the northeast coast. a couple of sprinkles moving through delaware and impacting the lower eastern shore. nothing to worry about. we have some snow in pennsylvania. more rain and snow tracking into philadelphia. there could be some problems on the roads. the roads are still wet. view of the wider radar. it continues to move off the coast. heavy snow falling in upstate new york and into maine. temperatures are much better than what it could be. we are mostly above the freezing mark. 37 at the airport. we are close to the freezing mark. i would worry about the northern areas near the pennsylvania line for bloack ice. the gusts possibly up to 45 miles per hour today. that could possibly bring down some tree limbs. high temperatures will basically now.ver
be investigated under those authorities. petraeus in general allen -- and engineer allen, the debt situation got them thinking about how broad it can quickly balloon and how it can ensnare people who 20,000 pages were turned over. i think this troubles a lot of people. >> thank you. several issues here. the update and the desire to update the act has been there for some time. it has been work done for some time. whether the general petraeus situation has sharpened the focus, i will leave that to others to decide. we do not have any direct knowledge. i was suggests it was attained during a search warrant. >> how would the new changes proposed have changed this case? >> it probably would not have changed this case either way. i think that when prosecutors see a case of the utmost sensitivity, they would have proceeded with an abundance of caution. based on the tolls that were available, it really would not matter. >> we have time for one more question. >> the chairman said that he is they passed this changes. there's not really any chance of this happening this year. i'm wondering what needs to ha
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't doing anything about it. watch what allen martin found when he went to check out the school. >> reporter: the school sign proclaims in bold letters, be safe, responsible, respectful. but cooper elementary school in vallejo is anything but, according to these two fifth graders. >> they punch us in the stomach. they slap us. >> reporter: samantha and autumn say they're constantly bullied in school by two brothers. samantha's parents say they knew there was a problem. >> my daughter coming home crying, telling me she was being called names, tramp, whore, slut. >> reporter: but the bullying got much worse. >> he said, i know where you live. i was like, how? i looked at his hand and could see a pocket knife. >> reporter: basically it got to the point where a child pulled a knife. >> a child pulled a nice on our daughter. >> reporter: samantha was too scared to tell her parents but says she did report the incident to her principal. >> there's a lot of things happened that we don't even know about it, and they're not privileged to it, because they say it's confidential. >> reporter: patricia sa
on extending unemployment benefits. as we work through all of this, we are happy to be joined by allen capper, head of credit strategy at lloyd's for the hour. welcome back. i guess we're still shaking off the christmas turkey tryptophan, i guess they call it, and yet it feels as though it's groundhog's day. >> yes. you say shaking off the christmas blues and we're shaking still waiting to hear what happened with this fiscal cliff. we knew they would take it to the wire. there's no surprises. what concerns me, this may stretch on until january. now, this is not the first time we've been in a situation like this in my career in the markets. the opportunity is clearly markets may sell off and then an accord has to be reached. i guess a lot of people will be seeing that. >> what are you seeing in credit markets right now? is there a sense they're looking at the strong off move? >> i think in the credit market, liquidity started to disappear last week and now there's no real positioning we can do. so i guess you kind of go into next year married to what you've got. so it's kind of going to be a s
to furnish your financials with eth ethan allen. there are the interviews you can't afford to miss, all coming up on "mad money." >>> don't miss a minute of "mad money." follow jim on twitter. send jim an e-mail or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time for christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. you can stay in and like something... or you can get out there and actually like something. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> our leaders in washington are constantly paying lip service to the importance of small business. as a posture generally do nothing constructive to reach a fiscal cliff deal. if the politicians really cared about small business, they would just stop talking right now and start listening to paychecks, the leading payroll company that reported last night. they delivered earnings
recovery, is it time to furnish your financials with ethan allen? they are the interviews you can't afford to miss, all coming up on "mad money." >>> don't miss a minute of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an e-mail or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to >>> our leaders in washington are constantly paying lip service to the importance of small business as they posture and generally do nothing constructive to reach a fiscal cliff deal. if the politicians really cared about small business, they would just stop talking right now and start listening to paychex, the leading payroll processing company that reported last night. they delivered inline earnings slightly weaker than expected revenues. it lowered its growth forecast down to the 2% to 3% range. paychex is paying you to wait for a term but i think washington is making you wait longer. so let's check in with the president and ceo of paychex, find out more about how his company is doing and get a read on the hiring situation in this country. welcome back
was kicked out of practice wednesday and thursday and coach dennis allen said he would endure, "consequences for his actions." mcclain is believed to have gotten into a heated exchange with coach allen this week, and it could be just a matter of time before he is released.. more ugly news for the 3-8 raiders: four players were fined $26,250 each for their roles in this pushing and shoving brawl sunday in the raiders who were fined are lamarr houston, tommy kelly, matt shaughnessy and desmond bryant. bengals tackle andrew whitworth was also fined - and a few days ago whitworth called the raiders, "cowards" for hitting him raiders host browns sunday in a blacked out game. >> 13-10, safe ignatius st. ignatius. >> perhaps she will go to bed school one day. and i will have to keep working. >> absolutely. it is not easy. >> you love everything moment of raising those beautiful moment of raising those beautiful children and coming into kron. >> right. brian wilson's 7 year run in >> san francisco will more than likely be coming to an end at 9pm tonight when the injured closer officially becomes
losing string and here is greg substituting for coach allen. >> we did not meet with the players today. they had player only meetings. i watched the tape last night and got notes. i will discuss it tomorrow with them. but our mind set is denver. >> dennis allen back in texas tending to an ailing father. he said he would be back for thursday's game. last time the giants looked like world champions was when they knocked off the 49ers. robert griffin iii is good. eli manning never knows if he is winning or losing, always looks the same. giants 10-7. robert griffin iii, man, 72 yards rushing. rolling from trouble. that is what jim harbaugh wants with colin kaepernick. pierre garcon has a touchdown. >> or andrew luck. andrew luck is more in the pocket. but he could -- [ talking at the same time ] >> his guy. >> as i was saying the redskins win 17-16. you know what is funny -- [ talking at the same time ] >> pagan, 4 years, $40 million, stays on the giants. any thoughts? >> nice job. >> no, no. she is a star, otherwise i would have her out of hereof. i love her -- out of here. i love her. >>
for the three-pointer, and usf wins 81-65. >>> dennis allen is expected back thursday when the raiders host the broncos. his father, grady, passed away today at the age of 66. allen went back to texas for the final few days with his father. his dad was a football player, and a darn good one. all southwest conference for texas a&m in the '60s. the raiders issued this statement just saying that they had great respect for grady, that he helped get his son into the football business, and they do expect their coach back on thursday night. >>> 49ers could use some help with a running back. frank gore, banged up. every game, he's coming out with bumps and bruises. and his backup, kendall hunter, no longer available. so look for lamichael james. hasn't played at all during the regular season. here's college clips. he has not scary carried the ball in a regular season contest. >> i'm there for a reason, i can play. and whatever the team needs me to do, that's what i'm going to do. i'm young, i'm still learning. and whatever it takes me, that's what i'm going to do. i prep for it each and every week.
allen is live for us tonight. >>reporter: they are also called humboldt squid. now this one is much larger than the calamari you might order at a restaurant. still has tentacle on it and weighs about 7 pounds. beach goers tell the us that the raccoon and the sea gull have eaten most throughout but you can still find plenty of them out there. it's a marin mystery. beach combers say they washed up on sunday. >> man probably thousands. there's a lot of them. all up and down. >>reporter: by the end of the day most of the squid had been eaten. norman says the sea gull have been gorging themselves. >> our dog wanted to go after them because they are sitting on the beach. they had the fill. >>reporter: researchers with the marine station at stanford are trying to figure out why the humboldt squid ventured out of the native waters in the sea of cortez near bat had a peninsula. >> it's the first time i have seen squid and it's definitely the first time i have seen really big squid. >>reporter: and these are just the babies. adult humboldt squid can yes to 6 feet long and 100 pound
head down towards milpitas area, allen roth, -- rock. moderate rain showing up z i'm getting confirmation from the rain on people on twitter. one said had a rainy drive home. and great advice. of course, our own radar will be watching another system due Ñ i'll let you know which one of the two days will be the drier for plan autos thank you. >> still to come here tonight a harsh sentence for a rapist terrorizing in the mission district. authorities say chances are slim to none he gets out on parole. >> students write let dwrorz santa not for when they want, instead, these to help make wishes come true for sick children. th >>> a former worker will spend his life without -- behind bars. he was sentenced to 373 years to life understood to pay over $250,000 in restitution to the victims. the judge said he show nod remorse for the rapes taking place in the mission district between june and december of last year. the family stormed out of the courtroom after the sentence was read. one of the victims talked about the crime stating that the assault drained the life out of her body.
round of voting next weekend. and allen pizzey is in cairo. >> protestors are still camped out in tahrir square but the chanting is on hold. early resultses from the first round of the constitutional referendum show a farrow lead for the ruling party. the turnout was solid and the atmosphere serious. though opposition reporters say some they were obstructed. polling booths had to stay open 4 years after closing time. the issues are complex and to understand them all egyptians would have to wade through a 63 page document. but once they are in the polling booth, voters are presented with a simple choice, agree or disagree. criticism that the new islamist oriented constitution tramples on women's rights didn't bother voter umm mohammed. >> every egyptian who is loyal to egypt should come out and vote yes, she said. >> reporter: across town in an affluent neighborhood, omar mam odd had a different view. >> is a constitution that does not represent what i think is egypt. >> voters groups today called for a repeat of the first round because many polling booths were not monitored by judges as
. good evening. i'm allen martin. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. tonight, we're learning a man and boy have died after being pulled from the frigid bay waters. the coast guard started searching in the marin headlands late this afternoon. >> reporter: very sad story. after the two were pulled from the water, they were brought here to fort baker, but it was too late. the beach is known for it's beautiful views of the city and it's treacherous surf. this stretch of coastline is where a man and child were swept to sea and drowned. they were found floating under the golden gate bridge. late this afternoon, around 4:00, a third person, who was also taken out by the waves, was able to get out of the surf and call 911. >> rescue units shortly arrived within 25 minutes and recovered two bodies, one male adult and one child. >> reporter: the water, a chilly 53 degrees. there was a high surf advisory today. he says the beach is popular for fishing and picnicking. it's also dangerous. when the victims went in, it was getting dark. >> we do have 14 lifeguards, seasonal lifeguards on staff, for just thes
wonderland! [ allen ] honey? here, ken. allen. [ gasps ] it's a barbie wonderland... hey, who's ken? [ male announcer ] get more barbie than ever before this holiday season. like the fashion design plates, color stylin' hair, and spa to fab barbie dolls that just arrived. all backed by our low price guarantee. from america's gift headquarters. walmart. >>> welcome back to "hardball's" coverage of the tragic shooting this morning. michelle franzing is back with us live from newtown. michelle, you're there tonight live. i wonder what it feels like. i wonder what the people of that community are all sharing right now, the grief? >> well, we've certainly felt this emotion grow throughout the day as the details of this tragedy unfolded. and, at this hour, they are continuing to hold that vigil that we talked about earlier at a nearby catholic church. hundreds gathering there. residents and families coming together and mourning together, trying to make sense of this tragedy together. i think we have a live view of that vigil at this hour. and several people have commented who are attending the vi
and the young boy is under the age of ten. allen. >> alyssa, there were reports the three were fish, but they can't confirm that? >> reporter: no, they just say they were hanging out on black sand beach. but they deponent know what they were doing. >> thank you. >>> well new at 11:00, an pardon me is burned out. it happened on 26th street at about 7:00 tonight. authorities say a firefighter actually broke his arm fighting that fire, but no one else was hurt. >>> signs of a compromise tonight as the country goes toward the fiscal cliff. the tax hikes will kick in january 1. danielle nottingham on the other hand what both sides are saying. >> reporter: top congressional leaders met with president obama. the president called the meeting constructive but reminded lawmakers there is not much time left. >> we are now at the point where in just four days, every american's tax rates are scheduled to go up by law. >> harry reed turned to is the gnat floor. >> we are engaged in discussions, the leader myself and the white house in the hopes that we can come forward as early as sunday and have
. for that we go to dave allen of the mta. >> the member 10 is diverting for a water main break. number 19 is diverting for a water main break. the 51 bus is diverting for a water main break repaired. everything looking good for marc trains. light rail and metro subway are running on time. line onc a sunday schedule for the new year's holiday. >> we have 34 degrees at the airport. 31 in parkton. these temperatures are milder than what we forecasted. the clouds moved in. that is good news. 35 in ocean city. 20's in the far western part of the state. only in the 30's in the mountains. partly sunny skies from baltimore into southern maryland. high of 41 into the afternoon. we will have much less wins today compared to yesterday. we are watching the next storm system approach. the radar is completely clear from baltimore all the way down the coast. you noticed the northern edge has the pink shadings. change overg to share to ice. it is more of a snow event for the mid atlantic. the storm system comes in from the south. then it starts to intensify. this could be a heavy snowstorm for parts of n
. she has more on that. we go to dave allen first. >> we have some diversions on the number 19 bus. the number 10 bus is diverting for a water main break. looking good for the after christmas commute. metro subway is on time. now here's ava marie. >> thank you, dave. there could be more trouble concerns today. we are tracking the rain across richmond as the snow continues to fall into northern virginia and is making its way into maryland. i think most of this is not reaching the ground. but it does show the trend. things are starting to move into the state. we could see some snow and some sleet. the roads could be at their slickest. let's talk about the temperatures. it is cold enough that we could see snow at the airport. 36 downtown. 31 in westminster. normally the temperatures get colder as you get higher in the atmosphere. we have to watch out for that. here's a look at the forecast. mix inxpecting it wintry the mountains all day long. southern pennsylvania could also see an icy mix. 40 degrees around baltimore. rain into the afternoon. most of the accumulation will be in the m
week. >> susan. >> representative allen west, who lost his bid. he was a bold conservative not afraid to buck the leadership. >> beat me to allen west. he was always such fun to cover. sorry to see you go. >> tony blankly, reagan white house veteran. editorial page editor of the washington times. author, columnist. >> 15 minutes of fame. >> paula broadwell. >> i will supplement that with jill kelley, the florida woman who got called up into the love quadrangle, however big it got. >> what are we all feeding at the same trough? >> i saw sandra fluke. how long can you go on about free birth control when the economy is crashing. >> who is she? >> she's the georgetown law student who talked about the need for the government to provide her with free birth control. >> rush limbaugh called her a name. [ overlapping speakers ] >> 15 minutes of name. the guard particles, discovery completes the standard model of physics, and explains the mechanism from which mass comes into existence. does that prove, or disprove god's existence? either way, it's 15 minutes are up. best minute of the year. >>
allen. another great movie, "breakfast at tiffany's." >> so much of the architecture in new york is so old and this proves it. >> this is bruce willis from "diehard with a vengeance." >> how in the world did he manage to get the legs of the people on the left? >> that was probably coincidence. >> that's just wild. >> gnarly, right? >> apparently this whole thing started just as a fun little thing that christopher wanted to show his friends, but his friends and family thought it was such a cool thing, that they encouraged him to do now and now he gets thousands of views on these photos. >> isn't it cool? >> the coolest thing i've seen in a while. >> to tell us more about this we have christopher maloney via skype "right this minute" all wait from canada. so where did the idea start? just out of curiosity? >> i one day -- i worked next to, and wanted to smo my friends that, printed off a picture and held it up. everyone was like, that's amazing. >> how many scenes have you created so far? >> 250, 300, something like that. the crazy thing is movies from the '40s and '50s are easy to do. a
to save the nation's debt mess. does allen have me beat? ♪ >>> we could be on the verge of breaking a major log jam in the united states senate. you are looking at harry reid at issue. whether they will allow food in the cafeteria for a special screening of the movie "lincoln." and now our senior capitol hill producer. chad? >> this is interesting. initially there were report these were going to do this screening in the actual senate chamber. that requires a full dispensation of the senate. they don't typically allow the chamber to be used for anything else other than business. there was a big to do when they cleared the chamber to use it for a memorial service to the late robert bird. it was 50 years since they used it for something else. this will be in the congressional auditorium which is underground. we heard harry reid is seeking a waiver to allow food in the auditorium. particularly unbuttered popcorn and bottled water and snacks like junior mints or twizzlers or something like that. this is the same room where director of national intelligence briefed house members on libya
that more at 11:00 p.m. >> the raiders have been without their coach. we are talking about and dennis allen whose father passed away today in texas. cree texasgrady.... allen was a professional player in the 1960's and introduced his son into football. and dennis allen is the head coach of the oakland raiders. this statement released that they are very sad that the coach released. he will be back on thursday for the denver game. they will extend their sincere condolences for the entire family. a quick turn around. sunday-thursday, patent manning and the denver broncos at the oakland coliseum. >> the 49ers could give a shot to the no. 2 draft shot. look at frank. he has had shoulder problems. and candle hunter is out for the season with his braque and now, james. this second to pick out of... and lamicheal.. >> i will let you know that i will play and i always feel that way. what ever the team needs me to do i will do. i am still learning and what ever it takes, whatever it takes me to get on the field. i prep for it to each and every week and i am always prepared for it. >> stanford rose bo
at broadway at hogan avenue next to highway 37. abc 7 news reporter allen live near the scene tonight with late details on the developing story. allen? >>reporter: the police are still looking for the suspect or suspects involved in this tonight. we are told the victim was air-lifted to john muir hospital in walnut creek in grave condition and that was at last check. this was a high impact hit-and-run with a debris field scattered across broadway street here in north vallejo. police believe the man was struck and knocked about 50 feet by either one or 2 vehicles that were drag racing down the northbound lanes of broadway around 5:30 this evening. detectives label about 50 paces of evidence many of them were the personal effects belonging to the unidentified victim. the rest were parts of the vehicle or vehicles involved. police say the cars are known to speed up and down this part of broadway street. >> something that our traffic unit has been keenly aware of as well as the uniformed police officers who attempt to come out here whenever possible. obviously whenever we do traff
on the peninsula brought people of different faith together. allen is live in burlingame with that story. allen? >>reporter: one of the people who came here to heal tonight grew up in newtown, connecticutment and she says newtown ace lot like burlingam burlingame. >> daniel age 7. if. >>reporter: confused shaken to the core they same searching for words to help them cope with the tragedy that has struck the nation. perhaps no one is more shaken here than betsy cork who read the scripture. >> conditioning of israel the lord is in your midst you will have no further misfortune to fear. >> i'm spwnsly proud of everyone in newtown. i'm proud to be from newtown. >>reporter: she grew up with friends who were the first responders at sandy hook elementary but is proud of the way the entire town has responded. >> the people of connecticut people of newtown are showing the world how to live. how to love. and how to love people. >> olivia angle, 6. sandy hook endured 20 deaths of 6 7-year-olds. 7-year-olds. i prosecute pose to you tonight we are in the midst of an evil of biblical proportions. >
as well, allen, as people just want to show that little extra display of love today in a moment like this. >> a lot of us will be displaying extra love tonight. thank you, joe vazquez. >>> president obama reacted to the massacre not only as our president but as an emotional father choking up when he spoke about the young lives lost. >> they had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. among the fallen were also teachers, men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams. >> the president also said it's time to put politics aside and focus on how the nation can prevent future tragedies like this one. prevention on a lot of people's minds tonight. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee joining us from the newsroom. grace, typically we do see strong reaction after mass shootings as well as calls for stricter gun control. >> reporter: and allen that is exactly what we are seeing in our exclusive surveyusa poll. this was taken after the shooting today. so adults here in the bay area were asked, if laws for gun sales sho
'm allen martin. i'm allen martin. california's unemployment re ha the >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. >>> i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm allen martin. california's unemployment rate has not been this good since the recession began four years ago. but are the numbers truly indicative of a rebounded? there are a lot of factors that go into the single-digit jobless rate. cbs 5 reporter grace lee with why it may be too quick to say we have finally turned the corner. >> reporter: juliette, our state still has the third worst unemployment rate in the nation. we're well above the national rate. so we spoke with a former director of the state's labor department who says that the unemployment rate is really just one piece of the overall economic picture and it may look better than it actually is. >> i think the rate it's important but it means less and less of indicating what's going on out there in terms of jobs. >> reporter: michael would know since he used to run the state's employment development agency. california's unemployment rate dropped to 9.8% in november from 10.1%
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